Container drayage, warehousing, and logistics

Tri State Intermodal trucks

Tri-State Intermodal is the number one container trucking company in Philadelphia Port. Located less than a mile from Packer Avenue Marine Terminal, as well as CSX Greenwich, we have the facilities, equipment, and personnel to meet your transportation needs.

  • Drayage of intermodal containers
  • Quick port to rail
  • Short and long term warehousing
  • Transloading containers
  • Freight distribution
  • Full service trucking
  • Closest proximity to Philadelphia port/rail
  • Asset based company
  • Friendly and professional

Tri-State Intermodal Inc.
100 Packer Avenue
Philadelphia, Pa., 19148

Phone: 215-755-9092
Fax: 215-755-9323

USDOT# 634508

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